10 Most Notorious Biker Gangs

When several of individuals imagine of bikers, they usually assumes of the conventional unclean, leather dressed men with hairy beards coat in the street dust, traveling just about the country causing chaos and being into barroom fight. The reality is that, most bikers are not noisy problem makers, and are in fact truthful, law-abiding, tough working individuals. Nevertheless, there are little numbers of bikers who call themselves as “1%ers”. “One %er” biker gangs have been agreed to this tag because it is self styled within biker club loops that 99% of all bikers are living within the limitations of the rule. Then, there is the other 1% who discards main-issue norms and is living outside the law, usually involving in extremely criminal actions. The catalog takes a look at 10 “1%er” motorcycle gangs and emphasize several of each gang’s suspected criminal actions.

Abutre's Moto Clube10: Abutre’s Moto Clube

Home base: Brazil

Criminal activities: Extortion, Drugs (transportation and distribution), and prostitution.

Brazil’s major biker gang is a quite childlike group, having been shaped just 20 years ago, but the gang’s power seems to be scattering, as chain group have exploded up not only across Brazil, but also in next by Argentina. Other groups of mainly homogeneous, Brazilian arrangement are suspected to have shaped in United States, Japan, and in Spain as well.

The Rebels MC9: The Rebels MC

Home base: Australia

Criminal activities: Counterfeiting, drugs (transportation and distribution), extortion, firearms, money laundering, tax evasion, and trafficking stolen items.

Alleged to be Australia’s biggest biker gang with 2,000 affiliate and a full 70 sections nationwide, the Rebels have been attached to a diversity of execution-style murdering in the previous decade, including the killing of three affiliates of their Aussie competitor, the Bandidos. The only trouble with Australian motorcycle gangs is that they are called to as “Bikie” gangs, a term that in the U.S. seems be to sincerely weaken street authority.

Solo Angeles Club De Motocicletas8. Solo Angeles Club De Motocicletas

Home base: Tijuana, Mexico

Criminal activities: Drugs and arms (transportation and distribution), extortion, human smuggling, murder, and prostitution.

Created in the Mexican boundary city of Tijuana in 1960, the only Angels have distributed in the American Southwest but keep hold of deep bind to Southern Californian road gangs, including one of the main terror gangs on earth: Mara Salvatrucha, or called as MS-13. The singly Angels likes good press each year during their Tijuana Toy Drive, or else they are one of the Hells Angels’ little cronies, and have been connected with the Mongols, who have a bleeding, fierce competing with the Hells Angels.

Sons of Silence MC7. Sons of Silence MC

Home base: Colorado, USA

Criminal activities: Assault, drug trafficking, extortion, intimidation, money laundering, murder, prostitution, and weapons trafficking

Believed to be one of the FBI’s highest 5 U.S. motorcycle gangs, the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club (SOSMC) has 30 episodes in 12 position, together with a developing eventuality in Germany. They’re alleged to have close to 300 full-badge affiliates. The Sons of Silence may be the best and was known for having been introduced in a current chapter of the TV sequence, the Gangland.

Vagos MC (aka Green Nation)6. Vagos MC (aka Green Nation)

Home base: San Bernardino, California, USA
Criminal activities: assault, drugs and weapons (trafficking), extortion, insurance fraud, kidnapping, money laundering, murder, prostitution, rape, theft, and witness bullying.

Vagos Motorcycle Club was created started in San Bernardino, California in 1960 and has gradually widening to nearby states and in Mexico as well. Now, the gang, which consist both Hispanics and the whites had a probable of 300 full-scrap affiliates, and their criminal actions appears to be growing each year, Vagos MC are also called as Green Nation, because it is the color that they fly.

Warlocks MC (Pennsylvania Warlocks)5. Warlocks MC (Pennsylvania Warlocks)

Home base: Pennsylvania, USA
Criminal activities: Extortion, Drugs and arms (transportation and distribution), money laundering, murder and prostitution.

The more than 100 tough affiliates of the Warlocks is 1/5 of their Southern complement, the Florida Warlocks, but they called themselves properly enough, as the “Original Warlocks.” Either little in figure or just very elite, their criminal actions are on equivalence with any other biker gang in the state.

Bandidos MC


4. Bandidos MC

Home base: San Leon, Texas, USA
Criminal activities: arms dealing, drugs (production, transportation and distribution), extortion, money laundering, and murder.
The Bandidos go by uncomplicated saying. Multiracial motorcycle gang has been supported since it was formed in 1960. “F**k the world. We are the individuals that our parents advise us about.” They have 2,500 affiliates in the world in about 14 naitons on 4 continents. The Texas-born Bandidos signifies the main violent opponent of the Hells Angels. The U.S. Department of Justice called them as the second huge motorcycle gang in the United States.

Outlaws MC3. Outlaws MC

Home base: McCook, Illinois, USA
Criminal activities: Arson, assault, Drugs (production, transportation and distribution), extortion bombings, fraud, intimidation, money laundering, kidnapping, murder, robbery, and prostitution.

Also called as the American Outlaws Association (A.O.A.) and Outlaws Nation, the Outlaws Bikers Club attributes an estimated of 1,700 affiliates in the U.S. and 12 other foreign nations in 1976, and they are known to have been present since 1930.

Mongols MC2. Mongols MC

Home base: California, USA
Criminal activities: Assault, drugs (transportation and distribution), extortion, intimidation, money laundering, murder and robbery.

The Mongols Bikers Club created in 1970 and encouraged in name by the huge Mongol kingdom of Genghis Khan. It is thought to have about 70 groups globally, though most of its 500-600 or so are Latino and from Native American affiliates can be located in California, and more of them are former affiliates of the Los Angeles-area street squad. The most dangerous and violent biker gang that are presently working in the US are associated with the Outlaws and Sons of Silence, the Bandidos, and the Mongols.

Hells Angels MC1. Hells Angels MC

Home base: Fontana, California, USA

Criminal activities: Assault, drugs (production, transportation and distribution), extortion, money laundering, murder, and theft of motorcycles.

Usually the most dishonored biker gang on earth, the Hells Angels works in as numerous as 27 nations and pose a criminal danger on 6 continents. Full-patch affiliates, and only to white males who are not into kid’s molestation, is expected to be under 4,000 affiliates, although they are carried by several female clubs like the Devil Dolls and the huge numbers of puppet clubs just like the Original Kings.

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